The Foundation website was written by Mary Young and paid for by William Stewart. On William’s death, the website contract was taken over by Mary.

In her August Newsletter, Mary said ‘I will, however, keep the website intact for as long as is sensible ...’

The website was a great record of four years of growth of the NGO, but it has been prudent to reduce it to simply that last Newsletter which will remain for the meantime to highlight that the following will be dealt with:

  1. Highlighting a true account of the ‘benching’ of Mary;
  2. The truth behind the breakdown of the relationship between Mary and Levison;
  3. Consideration of action to be taken against SCIO, Levison and/or the Foundation Trustees after, but not limited to:
    1. Their refusal to answer questions raised by Mary and Sponsors about the conduct of SCIO and/or Levison;
    2. Refusal to accept sponsor money, arguably to ensure that sponsors are not entitled to information;
    3. Blocking sponsors and/or anyone who has asked questions about points a and b above on the SCIO and Foundation facebook pages;
    4. Sponsors and donors received messages and social media comment from Paul Holst, trustee but, most importantly, VP of Barclays Wealth that were felt to be inappropriate and threatening after they were blocked from voicing their opinions about matters;
    5. Levison’s inappropriate questioning of a pensioner sponsor about the source of her money etc...
  4. Concerns raised by William’s executors about his actions given that, upon his death, it transpired that nearly all his life savings had been sent to Levison within 4 years;
  5. Concerns raised by William’s family about why William changed his will suddenly in mid 2020, leaving a further quarter of his remaining estate to Levison ‘personally’;
  6. Perceived intimidation of the executor of William’s estate by Paul Holst, Trustee of SCIO and VP of Barclays Wealth, after he sought to compromise Levison’s share amidst serious concerns about Levison’s accounting in respect of over £50,000 of William’s life savings.